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Guys, I’m still open for any question ya got!~

Guys, I’m still open for any question ya got!~


I haven’t drawn this guy in a while, so, I drew him!


I haven’t drawn this guy in a while, so, I drew him!

…Only three minutes to be exact. I should practice my powers, shouldn’t I? I didn’t done much in my first two years of being a duplighost….

*Impmon accent* ya know I nevah thought bout it from that viewpoint,I guess as the little sis ya just fool around with me and have a blast in any way you want, also know that ya got someone ya can look up to who won't ever make ya feel lesser then anyone else, I'll make ya feel as strong as I know ya really are or even more. Mystery youse as strong and great as ya make ya'self out to be and no one can tell ya otherwise cause dere opinion doesn't mattah so nevah settle for less remember that.

….Well, I guess…. Wish I’d knew that when I was still alive…

…You know, I kinda miss your Boo and Duplighost self.~

*impmon accent* Listen kiddo,when it comes to messin wit someone dere's a difference between bein a class A Joik and havin harmless fun,it's no fun if your jokes reduce a person to tears then that's when it's goin ovah-board. In your case I'm just harmlessly roughin ya up a bit to get a goofy reaction out of ya,but anytime ya feel I'm pushin it just say so and I'll tone it down, that's what a good understandin brotah does.

Oh, alright then. I guess that makes sense… But what am I supposed to do as the little….uh….little sister?~

*Impmon accent* nyehehe! Alright sure I'll knock it off,but ya gotta admit it's fun givin ya a little trouble here an der,if I didn't give ya a hard time once in a while dat'd mean I didn't love ya kiddo. *he smirked and crossed his arms*

Juuuust don’t do it too much cause otherwise it’s called being a meanie…. Or is that what “big brothers” do?~


Weh! B-but why? Don’t use fire on me! I never did anything bad to you, miss!~

(hehe silly me I forgot to add a detail) *speaks in Impmon's tone* Ah toots,don't worry bout it,as far as I'm concoined it's basically water undah tha bridge. I'm just glad ta see ya,that's what mattahs ta me tha most. *he playfully patted her on the head*

See? That now sounds much more different!~

Hey! Heehee, cut it out!~ *tries to push away Boomy’s hand from her head*

Hey, Slick! Did you found your haunted mansion? You can always live with me for awhile!

I almost did, other Doopy! I had found a few new mansions and wanted to go in them, but then a strange fog came around and I couldn’t find my way to any of them. After that I didn’t find any more. Phooey…~

…Wait, really? I mean, I really wanna find one for my own, but I now know that it’s harder than it looks.~

*he nods* hmm,I guess ya probably wondering of all forms for me to be in I'd be an Impmon,well the truth I've been tryin to keep my mind clear about that day and thought I'd kill some time just workin on my shape shiftin. I don't like it when ya mad at me sis,it makes me feel miserable I mean I've just never had some I love and care about get so totally sore at me like dat and well at one point I really did think ya hated me. *he rubs his right arm and looks down,his tail droops*

…Nah, I know you could transform into anything for as long as you want. But ya still need to work on sounding like who you copied. I still know how you sound like.~

…Well, I didn’t mean to get upset so easily. *pouts*  I wish I could be older. I hate acting like a kid who gets angry easily, but none of my pranks worked that day… Phooey.~

*sighs* are ya still mad at me? I've kept my sheeted behind away from here because I felt it'd be about the best thing to do since you stormed off and wouldn't talk to me.

…Nope, I’m fine now, Boomy. *Sighs* Sorry if I got really upset at ya.~